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Security and Trust

Certified quality management system and owned licences guarantee security of delivery and ensure the Customer that he will receive the product compliant with his order, of the highest quality, fully meeting the requirements of relevant standards.

The quality features of our products are checked by an independent, competent personnel. Our products are supplied with inspection documentation, which constitutes an evidence of the conformity of the product according to Customer's requirements, or serves as proof of origin of the material.

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We issue the following types of inspection documents in line with EN 10204:

Documents based on internal control:

  • quality declaration 2.1
  • attestation 2.2

Inspection documents based on receiving inspection:

  • acceptance certificate 3.1
  • acceptance certificate 3.2

The guarantee of the fulfilment of quality requirements are:

  • Certificate of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001
  • Certificate of compliance with the requirements of Directive 2014/68/EU
  • TÜV certificate for the transfer of material markings for items of equipment covered by the Directive 2014/68/EU
  • TÜV Certificate AD2000 W0
  • The authorization of the Office of Technical Inspection for the production of pressure and non-pressure equipment.
  • Permits issued by Technical Supervision Inspectorate in Rzeszów to transfer material markings onto items of equipment subject to technical inspection, made using machining
While constantly improving existing practices and procedures, we aim to convince our Customers that our company is a solid and reliable partner, and their growing needs are the basis for our actions.