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Technical support service

Providing our customers with support is our most important goal. Therefore, in addition to production we have a warehouse of finished products and goods. Such measures make it possible to implement the project without delay - with delivery just in time. log2_1_

We also provide additional services related to the offered goods, e.g.:

  • preparation of pipes for assembly (cutting, grooving, painting etc.), preparation of ready-made components for assembly as collectors,
  • construction of complete, welded segments of the pipeline according to the desired dimensions (including fittings, flanges, pipes and others)
  • performing additional strength and metallographic tests on our materials,
  • performing technical tests on the customer-provided products, log3_1_
  • performing heat treatment in a furnace with dimensions of 6m x 3m.
  • induction bending services using the customer-provided material
  • other arranged services.